Leverage is a tool used in the electronic trading system (Forex) awareness means its full name, it is a lever for capital in the account, which is the most important tools that help the trader to inflate and increase capital in the Forex market, which helps the trader to open the size of larger deals and the possibility of increasing its profits.

Gulf Markets Group offers a leverage of up to 1: 800 for its customers about account type and capital. Leverage raises capital in size. It is worth mentioning that the more the client trades the less the leverage will be proportional according to the following schedule:

Open TradesMax Leverage
0 -1001:500
> 2501:33

And, you have below a simple list showing the value of the point relative to the size of the contract:

Point ValueContract SizeAmount On USD
1,0000.0110 Cent
10,0000.101.00 Dollar
100,0001.0010.00 Dollar
1,000,00010.00100.00 Dollar
10,000,000100.001000.00 Dollar

That is, the larger the size of the contract the greater the strength of one point.

Here are the benefits of leverage in the Forex system:

1. Gulf Markets Group offers a leverage of up to 1: 800.

2. Leverage will enhance and strengthen your balance in the market.

3. Using leverage can increase profit but increase risk.

4. The trader will not borrow money no matter how much the leverage is in his account.

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